Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dnd next comments

So I have been waiting for DnD next before pushing on with D'Undred- and in the meantime keeping abreast of feedback on youtube.

It pleases me to see saving throws default to a stat, as I planned to do.  The death system sounds like fun too- saving throws against death and recovery is again something I had in my home system for years, to give unconscious players some fun.

The hit point system sounds shakey still- especially with recovery.  I think it is the double whammy of gaining hit points and fighting skill at the same time.  If you flattened hitpoints to say, 12 points for everyone- from a first level wizard to an 30th level paladin- then modified damage instead- that makes a much easier recovery system.

Separating hitpoints into wounds and fate seems a good idea to me.  Wounds need medical attention and take time to heal, but fate/stamina is much more plastic.  Fate or stamina is your lucky escapes and quick dodges... a quick rest and your good to go.

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