Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dnd next inklings

Well from what I am hearing, DnD next is shaping along similar lines as I hoped.
I am hearing things like 'flatter maths', 'stats make a difference', 'bolt on options for base classes', 'resolving rules based on creative ideas rather than set abilities.'
Good news so far.
With Dundred created around these sorts of principles, I am wondering if I should hold the project and wait to see how next turns out before I commit much time.
I expect I probably will still go ahead though!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Level up

I am currently thinking of a formuls based XP system, rather than an arbitrary one that requires a table.  You get between 0 to 3 XP for an average encounter- depending on how major the encounter is.  Levels require 10x level xp to attain.
Therefore level 2 requires 20xp, then 30xp for level 3, 40 for level 4, and so on.
Once levelled, current xp is returned to zero, but you can carry any points left over.
Each level, players can upgrade their characters by a certain amount.
Simple and saves lots of bullshit like class tables.

Magic discussion

Great discussion here....

Dungeon skull

Removing the cleric entirely and dumping their spells into the wizard class.
I like it!
I especially like the ides of a white magic/black magic division, and making fae magic a mix of druid and illusionist.  Why not spread healing around the classes?
Gygax' Clerics and their christianity in disguise always sat weirdly with my enjoyment of pure fantasy worlds.

My thinking is if you want to play a cleric in Dundred, play a fighter/wizard and choose white magic spells.