Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dnd next inklings

Well from what I am hearing, DnD next is shaping along similar lines as I hoped.
I am hearing things like 'flatter maths', 'stats make a difference', 'bolt on options for base classes', 'resolving rules based on creative ideas rather than set abilities.'
Good news so far.
With Dundred created around these sorts of principles, I am wondering if I should hold the project and wait to see how next turns out before I commit much time.
I expect I probably will still go ahead though!


  1. I am very curious how Dundred will look (as well how skulldredd will be in its final incarnation). besides what i have seen of the actual play test documents for NEXT I'm not that impressed..
    I for one are hoping you will finish this project. Especially if it keeps the "touch of Dave".
    I have one request and that is if you do D'undred you will have a system to convert between Skulldred and D'undred, something to make it possible to run a meta game between warband game and a roleplaying game.

  2. That would be a very cool thing- and thanks for the encouragement. I showed Skulldred to Tunnels & Trolls creator Ken St.Andre, and he said something along the lines that Skulldred wasn't far off a roleplaying game system in its own right, which is a nice compliment for a quickie skirmish game!

  3. I'm sort of feeling he same with my system (on holding off on it). Some people who have played D&D5 said it felt similar to my rules set.