Friday, March 28, 2014

D'undred suggestions

Well whilst I wait for DND next, I was thinking I would open the floor to suggestions of what people want to see / don't want to see in a Dungeon game?
  If there are discussions of a similar ilk on forums-  do linky!

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  1. Hey Dee, I was checking the status of your other projects yesterday and noticed this. Had gone completely under my radar. Dungeon Crawling is my holy grail gaming experience and something where I haven't been able to get quite what I want yet. As a result, I've written quite a lot of what I'm looking for in a crawl on various places online. For instance:

    And a general thread with a rather interesting initial post, not by me:

    I think those discussions shows what's missing in the market as of today and where some games go wrong.

    Hope to see some development on Dundred soon, but I realize you have a great deal of other things to sort out first. =)