Thursday, November 29, 2012


Role-play 5 hit points of damage.
Go on.
My home spun system moved away from abstract hit points a long while ago, replacing them first with five damage grades- then replacing that with a damage card system.
The damage cards I knocked up in photoshop from photos of various grisly wounds taken from the internet- nothing specific- just enough to make players wince when you look at them.
I arranged these cards two to a page on a regular photo and took them to the local camera shop for prints.
The cards come in a few flavors- light, severe, stun and horrific.

Players place these on the table in front of them. Each has a modifier associated.

All stuns go away after an encounter or a single card for a turn of rest mid battle.
Players get relief from their wound modifiers by roleplaying them- using terms like 'hobble', wincing, staggering and so forth.

Should I carry this on to D'Undred?

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  1. this idea I like! its why I try to always ask characters 'how' they are attacking their opponent, and tell them 'how' they have been hit. helps them get the feel for their injuries a little.