Friday, December 7, 2012

D'Undred manual

Today marks the official start of my holiday season, that is, in my 'real' job- special effects and game graphics.
Having coded my last line of unity3d java, I am now looking forward to clearing the Skulldred backlog, getting the beta out and that, folks, means D'Undred time!

So far, the D'Undred file is a collection of unedited notes, mixed with placeholder art to keep me inspired and add flavor- mainly red box era Elmore, Eastley, fighting fantasy pen work, Rodney Matthews and Roger Dean.

The next step is to bash it into a free beta 1.0.

I was thinking about totally skipping the 'what a rpg' stuff- as anyone interested in this will already get the idea. The main thing is communicating the differences in how it plays to dnd. I think transcripts of game play is the way to really get the concepts across.

For the first playtest book I think a sample adventure, player character basic generation rules, item list and low spells will do the trick- damage cards and some pre generated archetypes.

I like the idea of doing miniatures of the sample characters appearing in D'Undred- in the same way pathfinder did with their Reaper minis- in fact the idea of characters running through the book series appeals as it gives the game an identity, and elevates it from a straight DnD system replacement to its own creature.
Its funny to think I just wanted to play old school DnD but without shitty old rules, and now I am thinking backstory, setting and well, a new intellectual property. Retroclones shy away from that entirely, and so I guess D'Undred is stepping out from that bracket.
As with Skulldred, I must define my core goals clearly- doing so kept the projects shape through development and made me strive to better the mechanics to reach those goals.


  1. My home brew system started as an OSR game, then I thought, "There are already lots to choose from, as well as the originals, and I'm clinging to old rules and concepts that really make no sense to me at all!" Once I let go of tradition, it really freed me to make what I wanted to make, while still maintaining an old-school feel.

  2. True dat. Its really easy to get stuck down the same blind alleys that TSR/ wizards and countless who followed their lead.